Node Cluster

Tangle Bay itself runs its own public API, which is secured via several dedicated nodes in a cluster. A lot of emphasis was put on stability and availability. Therefore, all nodes have an SLA (Service Level Agreement) and thus a prioritization in case of failures.

Several load balancer systems are used to access the API, e.g. DNS load balancing and HTTP load balancing. Due to the automation and corresponding internal checks, the maximum response time is only 2 seconds in case of a node failure.

These requirements make Tangle Bay's node one of the most stable and available API in the whole IOTA ecosystem. The core competence here is not on a large history but on high availability and performance.


Network API-URL


  1. Open the Firefly app
  2. Log in to your profile (attention for each profile this setting must be done!)
  3. Go to the settings
  4. Choose "Node settings" in the menu
  5. Set to manual node management
  6. Exclude the official node list
  7. Click on add node
  8. Enter the Tangle Bay node address and click add
  9. Make sure that the node is now set as primary node