ICNS - Hall of Fame

The ICNS Hall of Fame lists all members who have supported this initiative with a node over the years.

Without these people, the Tangle Bay node would never have been so stable and efficient. You are the true heroes who make such projects possible.

I thank you in the name of the whole IOTA ecosystem! ~N080DY

ID Name Since...Ended
ICNS-0 IBTORBI 17-10-202130-08-2022
ICNS-1 TGITClub 18-10-202117-08-2022
ICNS-2 Nordlicht 19-10-202130-08-2022
ICNS-3 Yannick 20-10-202128-08-2022
ICNS-4 pasrom 22-10-202130-08-2022
ICNS-5 Salzwasser0grad 23-10-202130-08-2022
ICNS-6 rambazamba 05-01-202230-08-2022
ICNS-7 Streetcy 24-10-202130-08-2022
ICNS-8 Al-Birch 17-01-202228-08-2022
ICNS-9 Martín M. 08-11-202130-08-2022
ICNS-10 Salzwasser0grad 11-11-202130-08-2022
ICNS-11 Streetcy 12-11-202130-08-2022
ICNS-12 Eavesdropperle 14-12-202130-08-2022
ICNS-13 skay 22-12-202130-08-2022
ICNS-14 Eavesdropperle 24-12-202130-08-2022
ICNS-16 Oliver B. 28-12-202108-07-2022
ICNS-17 PFaelzer77 26-01-202230-08-2022