ICNS - Hall of Fame

The ICNS Hall of Fame lists all members who have supported this initiative with a node over the years.

Without these people, the Tangle Bay node would never have been so stable and efficient. You are the true heroes who make such projects possible.

Thank you in the name of the whole IOTA ecosystem! ~N080DY

ID Name Since...Ended
ICNS-0 IBTORBI 17-10-202130-08-2022
ICNS-1 TGITClub 18-10-202117-08-2022
ICNS-2 Nordlicht 19-10-202130-08-2022
ICNS-3 Yannick 20-10-202128-08-2022
ICNS-4 pasrom 22-10-202130-08-2022
ICNS-5 Salzwasser0grad 23-10-202130-08-2022
ICNS-6 rambazamba 05-01-202230-08-2022
ICNS-7 Streetcy 24-10-202130-08-2022
ICNS-8 Al-Birch 17-01-202228-08-2022
ICNS-9 Martín M. 08-11-202130-08-2022
ICNS-10 Salzwasser0grad 11-11-202130-08-2022
ICNS-11 Streetcy 12-11-202130-08-2022
ICNS-12 Eavesdropperle 14-12-202130-08-2022
ICNS-13 skay 22-12-202130-08-2022
ICNS-14 Eavesdropperle 24-12-202130-08-2022
ICNS-16 Oliver B. 28-12-202108-07-2022
ICNS-17 PFaelzer77 26-01-202230-08-2022