Many people would like to run IOTA with their own node to support the network. However, both the possible own node at home or a VPS at a provider not only cost money in the purchase or the general operation, but also bring responsibility with them.

With the possibility of the IOTA Community Node Sponsorship (ICNS), Tangle Bay now offers an easy way to support not only Tangle Bay, but also the IOTA network and the community. Tangle Bay already operates a public API for use in a wallet (e.g. Firefly) since 2018, but also the possibility for non-profit developers to use a free and stable API. With "ICNS", the project can now scale further with the help of the community and thus support not only the Mainnet, but also the Comnet and the current Devnet.

ICNS - Hall of Fame

How does "ICNS" work exactly?

First of all you need an account at "Hetzner" to rent the corresponding server for ICNS (if you don't have an account yet, you can use this REF link and get 20€ starting credit). Then you add TangleBay as admin via the project you create for the VPS. By joining the project, the server can then be managed and administered accordingly.

Simply put, with the sponsorship you pay the monthly costs of the server and Tangle Bay takes care of everything else.

What happens if I no longer wish to participate in "ICNS"?

You are free to delete (cancel) the server at any time and there will be no further costs for the server. You can also join "ICNS" again at any time if you want to. Please note that we are looking for long term sponsorships to keep the administration costs as low as possible.

Which servers are suitable for which network?

VPS IOTA Mainnet Shimmer Alphanet (Soon) Price (monthly)
CX11 X X 4,15 €
CPX11 X X 4,75 €
CX21 X X 5,83 €
CPX21 X X 8,21 €
CX31 X 10,59 €
CPX31 14,76 €
CX41 18,92 €
CPX41 27,25 €
CX51 35,58 €
CPX51 59,38 €

The prices are taken from Hetzner's official price list.

How can I use the Node?

You cannot use your node from ICNS directly yourself. However, you can use the nodes from Tangle Bay itself, which are available to everyone as free community nodes. The more ICNS nodes there are, the bigger and more stable the backend of these nodes is.

An overview of the nodes with the URLs can be found here.

I would now like to join "ICNS", how does it work?

Register yourself on our service website and then open a ticket and tell us which server you want to sponsor and which nickname we should show on the Hall of Fame.