Entry Node

The role of an entry node is to send a list of neighbors to new nodes in an IOTA network so they can connect to them. On this page, you will see how to use the Tangle Bay entry nodes to automatically connect to neighbors in your IOTA network.

Network Entry node
Mainnet /dns/entry-mainnet.tanglebay.com/udp/14626/autopeering/iot4By1FD4pFLrGJ6AAe7YEeSu9RbW9xnPUmxMdQenC
Comnet /dns/entry-comnet.tanglebay.com/udp/14636/autopeering/iot4By1FD4pFLrGJ6AAe7YEeSu9RbW9xnPUmxMdQenC
IOTAv2 5EDH4uY78EA6wrBkHHAVBWBMDt7EcksRq6pjzipoW15B@entry-devnet.tanglebay.com:14646