Community Node

The IOTA Mainnet Node from TANGLE BAY is one of the few highly available nodes that relies on a load balancer and strong hardware. Four root servers are currently working in the background, all of which have dedicated hardware and thus provide guaranteed performance. However, the nodes themselves are not designed for a long history, but rather to provide a reliable interface for the IOTA wallet. In this regard, the funding is currently provided by the community and is also intended for them.

With the IOTA protocol update "Chrysalis", the nodes of TANGLE BAY will also be converted accordingly. At the same time, the authentication against the API will be switched on again, so that it will then be necessary to have a user account to be able to use the node.

This has several advantages:

  • The node will be protected from unknown third parties
  • The activities and load of the nodes can be better analyzed.
  • Unfair actors can be sorted out consequently

What do I need to get access to the community node?

To get access, all you need is an account on and then you will be automatically unlocked to access the Node API. Your separate login data for the Node-API can be accessed either via the main menu "Node" -> "Node-API" or via the button at the top of the page (only visible for registered users). For registration you only need a username, your own password and a valid email address.

Your account will be deleted automatically if you have been inactive on for 30 days or if you have not activated your account within 7 days. If you want to use the Node again, you can simply register again. If you delete your account, all user data will be deleted immediately (except logfiles).

I want to support the Community Node!

If you want to support the Community Node, e.g. for further funding or expansion of the setup, I have set up a MoneyPool via PayPal. The donations received there will be charged directly with the server costs (invoices).