SWARM Release v1.0.0

Software Development


### Added
- Added check for automatic proxy deploy (dev)
- Added option to select command-line editor in SWARM
- Added webAPI admin whitelist in WASP configuration
### Changed
- Fixed existing mainnetdb folder for goshimmer install process
- Fixed missing node removal from landing page
- Fixed missing default domain in proxy landing section
- Fixed goshimmer/wasp auth
- Fixed goshimmer proxy removal on goshimmer removal
- Fixed low check rate for goshimmer sync check
- Fixed GUI size
- Fixed proxy automatic deployment
- Fixed Hornet/Bee dashboard peers configuration
- Updated SWARM menu and splitted SWARM/Watchdog configuration
- Updated node information page
- Updated swarmUpdater to prevent errors
- Updated proxyInfo to hide urls of not installed nodes
- Updated node config parsing
### Removed
- Remove timeFrame sync check for GoShimmer