The launch of the first IOTA mainnet in June 2016 was the start of the journey to revolutionize Blockchain. IOTA introduced the very first distributed ledger based on a directed acyclic graph (DAG) - a scalable and lightweight protocol to overcome rising costs and power consumption by removing miners and fees. It is called “the Tangle”. The Tangle was designed to be a more equitable, democratic and secure network, where every node would directly contribute towards the security of the overall system.


Tangle Bay offers a variety of services to the IOTA community.

Node IOTA Nodes are the heart of IOTA and are needed to receive and transmit data. They are also an access point for wallets and other applications that require the IOTA API.
Snapshot A local snapshot is the process in which a node records the state of its ledger in snapshot files. Using these files, nodes can synchronizing with their neighbors a lot faster because the Tangle contains fewer transactions.
Entry node An entry node is used for initial secure communication for finding new neighbors through autopeering and is required for this.
Tangle Explorer         The Tangle Explorer provides a visual view through the browser for searching messages in the IOTA Tangle.
SWARM SWARM is a script that allows you to easily install and manage an IOTA node.