The launch of the first IOTA mainnet in June 2016 was the start of the journey to revolutionize Blockchain. IOTA introduced the very first distributed ledger based on a directed acyclic graph (DAG) - a scalable and lightweight protocol to overcome rising costs and power consumption by removing miners and fees. It is called “the Tangle”. The Tangle was designed to be a more equitable, democratic and secure network, where every node would directly contribute towards the security of the overall system.

Tangle Bay provides a public and highly available IOTA node pools for different IOTA networks. There are redundant load balancers, which distribute the requests to the different IOTA nodes in the background and make sure that only nodes are used, which are available and synchronized.

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Pool - APIs

Network API-URL
Mainnet https://mainnet.tanglebay.com
Comnet https://comnet.tanglebay.com
IOTAv2-Devnet https://iota2-devnet.tanglebay.com
Legacynet https://legacynet.tanglebay.com


  1. Open the Firefly app
  2. Log in to your profile (attention for each profile this setting must be done!)
  3. Go to the settings
  4. Choose "Node settings" in the menu
  5. Set to manual node management
  6. Exclude the official node list
  7. Click on add node
  8. Enter the Tangle Bay node address and click add
  9. Make sure that the node is now set as primary node